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Joss Whedon directing The Avengers | Part 2/3

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12/50 Photos of Tom Hiddleston

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Writer/Director Joss Whedon and Mark Ruffalo on the set of The Avengers (2012)

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Joss Whedon Confirms He’s Directing The Avengers

Joss Whedon confirmed he’ll direct upcoming film The Avengers for Marvel Studios during a Comic-Con panel.

"[Me directing The Avengers] is not an official thing, because Marvel couldn’t afford a press release. Can I make it an official thing? I am directing The Avengers.”

There you have it, folks. He went on to note that it’s too early to talk about it, as he’s still writing the outline, but “It makes no sense, these people shouldn’t be in the same room never mind the same team. To me, that’s the definition of family.”


Joss Whedon Directing The Avengers? ›

Very good news today for Joss Whedon fans, and indeed for anyone who enjoys quality genre entertainment: he’s in final negotiations to tackle The Avengers for Marvel Studios.

He’s been rumoured for the job for a while now, but it appears that Marvel was taking its time to think over its options before finally settling on the final choice.

The Avengers will see a line-up that includes Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr), Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) teaming up to fight a big threat. Whether that turns out to be The Hulk, and whether Edward Norton is asked to sign on or even agrees, is another matter.

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